What is the opposite of rule of law?


Antonyms of RULE plead, misguide, obey, follow, submission, lawlessness, inferiority, surrender, subordination, weakness, unsettle, waver, comply, release, ignore, mismanage, miss, bad manners, yield, neglect, submit, misunderstand, start, mislead, disorganization, serve, begin, lose, yielding.

Likewise, what are the 4 rules of law? The Four Universal Principles The rule of law is a durable system of laws, institutions, norms, and community commitment that delivers: Accountability. The government as well as private actors are accountable under the law.

Also asked, what is a synonym for rule of law?

Synonyms. control throne command reign misgovern govern dictate.

What are the 5 principles that define the rule of law?

It requires measures to ensure adherence to the principles of supremacy of the law, equality before the law, accountability to the law, fairness in the application of the law, separation of powers, participation in decision-making, legal certainty, avoidance of arbitrariness, and procedural and legal transparency.

What is the synonym of ruled?

Synonyms for ruled | adj.governed controlled. administered. managed.

What do you call someone who follows the rules?

Someone who always follows a defined procedure, such as a set of rules is a Stickler. A “stickler for the rules” will always insist that the rules are followed.

What do you mean rules?

rule. Authoritative statement of what to do or not to do in a specific situation, issued by an appropriate person or body. It clarifies, demarcates, or interprets a law or policy. Statement that establishes a principle or standard, and serves as a norm for guiding or mandating action or conduct.

What is a set of rules called?

Law is a set of rules decided by a particular state meant for the purpose of keeping the peace and security of society. An activity is illegal if it breaks a law or does not follow the laws. A legal code is a written code of laws that are enforced. This may deal with things like police, courts, or punishments.

What do you mean by law?

Definition of law is a rule of conduct developed by the government or society over a certain territory. Law follows certain practices and customs in order to deal with crime, business, social relationships, property, finance, etc. The Law is controlled and enforced by the controlling authority.

Why is it important to have rules?

Rules are established to protect the weaker class in the society since they are at a disadvantage if such regulations are broken. When rules are properly set and followed, they provide a stable environment and human co-existence in a community, resulting in peace and order.

What are the antonyms?

Definition of Antonyms An antonym is a word that means the opposite of another word. For instance, the antonym of ‘hot’ may be ‘cold. ‘ The root words for the word ‘antonym’ are the words ‘anti,’ meaning ‘against’ or ‘opposite,’ and ‘onym,’ meaning ‘name. Synonyms and antonyms are exactly the opposite.

What is the synonym of stop?

stop(verb) cause to stop. “stop a car”; “stop the thief” Synonyms: block, kibosh, quit, blockade, arrest, block off, end, stop over, hold back, finish, lay off, terminate, barricade, check, break, give up, bar, halt, cease, block up, discontinue, hold on, intercept, turn back, break off, contain.

When did the rule of law start?

“The rule of law” was further popularized in the 19th century by British jurist A. V. Dicey. However, the principle, if not the phrase itself, was recognized by ancient thinkers; for example, Aristotle wrote: “It is more proper that law should govern than any one of the citizens”.

What is the concept of the rule of law?

the principle that all people and institutions are subject to and accountable to law that is fairly applied and enforced; the principle of government by law.

How do you use rule of law in a sentence?

the rule of law in a sentence In those states, that’s the rule of law. This is our chance to work for the rule of law. All this has brought the rule of law into the election. We fully respect the rule of law and will act accordingly. But it is our obligation to uphold the rule of law. What happened Sunday was not the rule of law . ..

What are the words associated with law?

Law Vocabulary 1 attorney 7 evidence 8 guilty 9 judge 10 jury

What is an example of rule of law?

The principles of the Rule of Law goes back to the 16th century and John Locke. But one example of the rule of law is that the laws should apply equally to all citizens, including government officials, law enforcement and judges. The laws should be made public so everyone understands the laws and understands them.

What does the rule of law require?

Rule of law is a principle under which all persons, institutions, and entities are accountable to laws that are: Publicly promulgated. Equally enforced. Independently adjudicated. And consistent with international human rights principles.