How tall do Triteleia grow?

The plant grows from bulbs, or corms, and can reach up to 4 feet tall. Triteleia should be planted in the fall and can grow in full sun or partial shade.

Planting Triteleia Bulbs. Triteleia (Triteleia spp.), also called Brodiaea, pretty face, triplet lily or wild hyacinth, is a flowering perennial native to the west coast of the United States. They bloom in umbrella-shaped clusters in the spring, then the plant is dormant in the summer.

Additionally, what does Brodiaea look like? A prized cut flower, Brodiaea has star-shaped or tubular flowers and grass-like foliage. Brodiaea will naturalize readily if it’s happy where it’s planted and left undisturbed. Brodiaea naturalizes by corm offsets (called cormels: baby corms on the sides of the mother corm you’ve planted).

Thereof, how do you plant tritonia bulbs?


  1. Botanical name: Tritonia croata.
  2. Family: Iridaceae.
  3. Native to: South Africa.
  4. Plant type: Corm.
  5. Plant size: 12cm tall x 10cm wide.
  6. Depth & spacing: Plant with points upwards 7-12cm apart & 5cm deep.
  7. Watering: Water in upon planting but don’t start watering regularly until the grassy shoots appear above the soil.

Is Brodiaea a perennial?

“Queen Fabiola” brodiaea (Brodiaea laxa “Queen Fabiola”) is commonly known as the triplet lily or wild hyacinth. This perennial bulb is a native wildflower to California, growing wild in evergreen woodlands. Fall is the best time to plant these bulbs in flower beds and rock gardens.

How do you grow Brodiaea Queen Fabiola UK?

Plant Brodiaea Queen Fabiola in well-drained prepared soil in full sun or in flower pots, in a sunny location. You can improve heavy soil by mixing in some coarse builders sand or ground bark. Plant Brodiaea Queen Fabiola with their ‘nose’s’ upward according to the instruction on the package.

How do alliums grow?

How to grow alliums Easy to grow. Flowers in spring and early summer. Best planted in well-drained soil. Thrive in full sun and drought tolerant. Avoid damp sites on heavy soil. Propagate from offsets, aerial bulbils or seed. Good cut flowers. Attractive to pollinators.

How tall do Dutch iris grow?

Perennial Gardens: Dutch iris stand 18 to 24” tall, so they are a perfect height for the middle of a perennial border. If the soil in your perennial garden gets hot and dry during the summer months, the bulbs may perennialize.

How do you plant Allium moly luteum bulbs?

Planting. Plant Allium moly in a well-drained, sunny part of the garden. In warmer areas, grow them in a partly shady area that offers protection from the afternoon sun. Plant each bulb 5 inches deep, measured from the base of the bulb, and space them 2 or 3 inches apart.