Who is Ender’s first toon leader?

Ender’s first toon (platoon) leader, Dink Meeker noticed Ender and asked to have him in the toon. Dink is an excellent toon leader, but although he loves “the game,” he won’t participate in anything more battle-like because he believes the buggers are no longer a threat.

“Mick” is a student who “looked to be twelve or thirteen” and says that he is “`half-iced bugger-fodder'”. He steals Ender’s pudding and encourages Ender to make friends. Talo Momoe is the commander of one of the numerous armies at Battle School.

Likewise, who is Ender’s first friend at Battle School? Shen

Secondly, who is Ender’s best friend?

Alai – A member of Ender’s launch group, Alai becomes Ender’s best friend and helps him gain acceptance with the other recruits. Several times his friendship is enough to keep Ender from falling into despair. Later on he is one of Ender’s commanders in the battles against the buggers.

What is Ender’s real name?

Andrew Wiggin

Who does Ender Wiggin marry?

Ender Wiggin Family John Paul Wiggin (father) Theresa Wiggin (mother) Peter Wiggin (brother) Valentine Wiggin (sister) Spouse Novinha Ribeira Children Miro Ribeira (step-son) Ela Ribeira (step-daughter) Quim Ribeira (step-son) Olhado Ribeira (step-son) Quara Ribeira (step-daughter) Grego Ribeira (step-son)

Who did Ender kill in Ender’s Game?


Why is ender a good leader?

A Good Leader Builds Relationships Ender gets to know his people. He doesn’t simply bark orders or lead though fear and intimidation. Instead, he develops relationships and gains respect from his soldiers. They trust their commander as a friend and respect him as their leader.

How old is Ender Wiggin?

Ender Wiggin, the story’s protagonist, is only 6 years old when the novel begins. He is at the center of nearly every scene, and he’s forced to struggle with monumental moral decisions that would flummox a man 10 times his age.

Who is Rose the Nose in Ender’s Game?

Rosen, best known as Rose the Nose, was a Battle School Student and the commander of Rat Army. He was first introduced in Ender’s Game.

How old is Valentine in Ender’s Game?

In the end of Ender’s Game, it says that Valentine was 25 and Peter was 77, which would mean that he was 52 years older than her. However, Valentine was originally only 2 years younger than him. This is explained as being because she travelled for 50 years in Earth time, but for her, it was only 2 years.

What army is ender in?

Most Battle School boys remain launchies for two years, but Ender is promoted to Salamander Army after just a few months. From the time of Ender’s promotion, he participates in four armies: Salamander, Rat, Phoenix, and Dragon.

Why is ender given the Dragon Army?

Why is Ender given the Dragon Army? The Dragon Army name had been discontinued because ” Ender is given an army full of small, young, inexperienced, and unnoticed boys. He is not allowed to make any trades because according to Graff, boys would put unfair pressure on their toon leaders to be put in Ender’s army.

Who is Shen in Ender’s Game?

Shen was a Battle School Student and a member of Ender’s Jeesh. He was first introduced in Ender’s Game.

What is identified as Ender’s weakness?

What is identified as Ender’s weakness? He is too malleable, moldable, influenced by others. He tells Ender however, that he has refused the position both times.

Who is DAP in Ender’s Game?

Dap was a sergeant in the International Fleet and a teacher at Battle School. He was first introduced in Ender’s Game.

Why is DAP important to the Launchies?

Why is he important to the Launchies? Dap is the launchies “mom”. He is there to help them through battle school. He tells him things that will get him to the top or where he wants to go in battle school.

What does Ender find behind the mirror?

Behind the mirror Ender finds the pupa of a bugger queen, and the queen communicates with him. She shows him the images of the battles, from the buggers’ point of view, and then sends images to his mind of what he needs to do to let her live again and start a new bugger civilization.

How is Ender manipulated?

Much of this novel is about how adults manipulate Ender in order to fulfill their needs; they trick him and lie to him and tell him just enough so that he can defeat the buggers. Basically, manipulation in Ender’s Game is a gray area. On one hand, it seems wrong to lie to and cheat a kid.