How do you light the pilot light on a Vulcan gas heater?

Locate the the pilot so you will know where to put the fire when it is time to light the gas heater. Turn the gas knob to the pilot setting, press it in and hold it, light the pilot while holding the gas knob down for a minute. Release the gas knob and turn it to the ON position.

Steps For Safely Lighting a Gas Wall Heater

  1. Have a match or long lighter available to light the pilot.
  2. Find the valve located in the heater and turn it to “Pilot”.
  3. Press inward on the valve. You should hear a hissing sound coming from the valve.
  4. Release the valve and light your match.
  5. Release the valve after one minute.

how do you light a gas furnace with electronic ignition? The pilot light has a separate small gas line running to it with its own valve. When the furnace comes on, this valve opens, and then the electric spark ignites the pilot. A flame sensor detects that the pilot is lit, opens the valve to the burners, and the pilot light ignites the burners.

Likewise, how do I check my pilot light?

The pilot gas line is a small metal tube below the burner assembly and distinctive by the slight upturn at the end. It will be apparent, if the pilot is lit, by the small blue flame burning at the end. If you do not see a small blue flame burning, the pilot light is out.

How do you relight a pilot light?

Relight the pilot light. Turn the knob to “Pilot,” and let gas to flow to the pilot. Light a lighter or match, then push in the reset button. Hold your flame to the pilot light’s opening. Keep the reset switch depressed until the pilot light is burning steadily.

Should the pilot light always be on in a gas furnace?

If you have an older gas furnace, your heating unit relies on a little blue flame known as a pilot light to ensure ignition of the burners. Water heaters, gas fireplaces and old gas stoves also often have similar pilot lights. Since the pilot light needs to remain active, your furnace is always consuming some gas.

What is the point of a pilot light?

The basic idea behind a pilot light is simple. Its purpose is to provide the flame needed to light the gas coming out of the main burner. When the furnace “turns on”, a valve releases gas into the burner and the pilot light ignites that gas. The way that a pilot light is created is also simple.

Do all furnaces have a pilot light?

For many years, furnaces used a small and continuously burning flame known as a pilot light to ignite the burners during every heating cycle. Although pilot lights are still present in homes with older systems, most newly installed furnaces use an electronic ignition instead.

Why does my pilot light go out when I release the pilot light knob?

The most likely of those is that the thermocouple needs to be replaced. The button you press to light the pilot bypasses the thermocouple. When you release the button, the thermocouple ensures that unburned gas doesn’t get released by shutting off the gas when it’s not heated by the burning pilot light.

How do you turn on an old gas heater?

How to Turn On a Wall Heater To turn on your gas heater, locate the knob for starting. Turn the knob to “Pilot,” and then push down on the “Ignite” button. Once the pilot light comes on, hold down the Ignite button for 10 to 15 seconds. Set the temperature on the wall heater to your desired heating level.

What do you do when your pilot light goes out?

What Should You Do If Your Pilot Light Goes Out? Locate the pilot light assembly, including the gas valve with “On,” “Off,” and “Pilot” settings, and pilot reset button. Rotate the valve to the “Off” position, and wait several minutes.

Where is the pilot light on a gas furnace?

Go to the furnace and find the pilot valve. The pilot valve body is a box-shaped device into which the main gas line will run; it is located near the gas burners. It will usually have a gas cock or valve knob that reads ON, PILOT, and OFF. Locate this gas cock or knob.

Are gas wall heaters safe?

Propane or natural gas based heating solutions come with the real risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. This is why wall mounted space heaters are a popular option for those seeking to avoid the risks of gas or propane. A good example of such a safe and reliable wall mounted unit is the Envi Heater.

How do you turn on an outdoor gas heater?

Outdoor Heater Instructions Push and turn the control knob to PILOT position. Keep depressed for 45 seconds. Continue to hold in the knob and press the stick button 4 to 5 times (Use long candle lighter if igniter does not seem to be working) Lot knob pop out and turn to high. (If it does not ignite turn everything to the off or closed position.