How do you wrap a Christmas tree?

STEP 1: Start at the bottom Start at the bottom of your tree and secure the end of the plastic wrap to a small piece of the tree. STEP 2: Wrap the bottom portion Take your plastic wrap and wrap it around the bottom portion of the tree being sure to cup some underneath the branches.

To avoid a busy look on your tree, decorate your Christmas tree with a variety of garlands from plain to fancy. Thin, beaded garlands look best hung from branch to branch; thicker paper, ribbon, or foil garlands look best wrapped loosely around the entire tree.

Similarly, when decorating a Christmas tree what goes on first? 4. Start with the lights first. While pre-lit Christmas trees are popular and will save you time (and money) with tree lights, if you have a plain tree, always add the light first – it’s more difficult to do this after you’ve added your decorations.

Considering this, how do you wrap Christmas tree lights?

  1. Create a ball of lights to make wrapping easier, connect male plug to power source at base of tree.
  2. Wrap lights up the trunk, leaving space to wrap back down if desired.
  3. Wrap lights up the trunk, leaving space to wrap back down if desired.
  4. Wrap lights up and down the length of main branches.

How do you wrap a Christmas tree in burlap?

Create a rustic Christmas tree quickly and easily this holiday season using wide burlap ribbon as garland.

  1. Set up your Christmas tree.
  2. Start at the top of the Christmas tree.
  3. Wrap the burlap ribbon around your Christmas tree.
  4. Adjust the burlap garland, if necessary.

What color should I decorate my Christmas tree?

Almost Any Hue Can Work Though red, green, gold, and silver are the favorite choices for Christmas colors, almost any hue can create a beautifully decorated home for the holidays.

How wide should ribbon be for Christmas tree?

As for the ribbon width, 2 1/2-inches is ideal, but you can use wider or narrower if that’s what you have. On a standard-sized tree, I wouldn’t go with less than 1 1/2-inches wide or more than 4-inches wide. Once you have your ribbon, the next step is to make sure your tree is ready for ornaments.

How do you hang garland?

Here’s how: Attach several clear or white removable hooks evenly spaced on top of the mantel. Securely tie fishing wire around the garland to align with the hooks. Tie the other end of the fishing wire around the hooks tightly, so the garland is hanging in front of the mantel in a draping effect.

Do you start at the top or bottom of the Christmas tree?

Starting at the top of the tree, intertwine the lights on top of and under branches. Work your way down and around the tree, hanging lights in the back as well. When you reach the bottom, hide any extra lights behind the tree.

Is it safe to put lights on a real Christmas tree?

Whether or not you’ve bought a natural or artificial Christmas tree, make sure to place it in a safe spot in your home. Keep it away from lamps, open flames, and heaters. Make sure you hang only indoor lights, not outdoor ones, on the tree, and check the lights for broken or frayed wires.

Do lights go on the Christmas tree first?

The lights should be first to go on your tree. Start at the bottom and work your way up. Move from the trunk to the tip and back again, spreading them evenly across the branches, covering both sides. Plug them in and voila, you’ve seen the light!

What are the best Christmas lights?

Here are the best holiday lights you can buy: Best holiday lights: Good Tidings Light Ceramic Multi-Colored Holiday Lights. Best light projector: MIMIVIVA Christmas Laser Lights Outdoor Projector. Best solar holiday lights: VMANOO Solar Powered String Lights. Best mini holiday lights: Brizled LED Mini String Lights.

How many lights do you need for a 6 foot Xmas tree?

A good rule of thumb is 100 lights for every foot-and-a-half of tree. However, if you love lights, you may want to double or even triple that amount.

What are the best Christmas lights for a tree?

The 5 Top-Rated LED Christmas Tree Lights Our Top Pick: Novelty Lights 100 Light LED Christmas Mini Light Set. Our Runner Up Pick: RPGT Green Cable Tree Lights. Best Budget Pick: accmor 4 Pack 30 LEDs Mini Bulb Battery Operated String Lights.