Has Pat Rafter won Wimbledon?

Tennis career. Rafter turned professional in 1991. During the course of his career, he twice won the men’s singles title at the US Open and was twice the runner-up at Wimbledon. He was known for his serve-and-volley style of play.


Additionally, where is Patrick Rafter now? After having been based in Bermuda for much of his ATP career, Rafter moved back to Australia when he retired from the Tour in 2002. He now resides in the Queensland town of Sunshine Beach with his wife Lara Feltham, a former fashion model, and their son Joshua, 7, and daughter India, 4.

Also question is, how old is Pat Rafter?

47 years (December 28, 1972)

Is Pat Rafter still married?

Pat Rafter and his wife Lara Feltham have sold their Sunshine Coast mansion for $2.8 million less than what they spent to develop the property. Pat and Lara have moved their young family to the Broken Head area of Byron Bay, where they bought a 38 hectare block of land in 2016.

What does Pat Rafter do?

tennis player

When did Pat Rafter retire?


How many Grand Slams did Pat Cash win?


How tall is Pat Rafter?

1.85 m

Who coached Pat Rafter?

Gavin Yarrow

Why did Patrick Rafter win Australian of the Year?

Patrick Rafter. Rafter won fans around the world for his sense of humour and commitment to fair play. Highly respected by his fellow players, he won the ATP Sportsmanship Award four times.

How many times has Pat Cash win Wimbledon?

Singles (6 titles, 5 runner-ups) Result No. Tournament Winner 3. Lorraine Open, France Winner 4. Wimbledon Runner-up 3. Australian Indoor Championships Winner 5. South African Open

What is Pat Rafter worth?

His net worth is around 35 million dollars and he can afford paradise homes with ease. Recently he has sold his mansion which made a lot of headlines. Pat Rafter sold his 18 million dollars mansion.

Who did Pat Rafter marry?

Lara Feltham m. 2004

Who is Lara Feltham?

Australian tennis star Patrick Rafter has married his long-time love Lara Feltham at a resort in Fiji. They have a 20-month-old son Joshua, who flew out to Fiji with Rafter on Friday for the ceremony. The 240-hectare resort is located on Malolo Lailai Island, 15 kilometres west of Fiji’s third largest city, Nadi.